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On the evening of April 14, 2012 we set out to re-imagine the exuberant moments of a meal, served aboard the R.M.S. Titanic, before any threat of danger was perceived. Chefs Rob McCue and Adam Banks set out to elevate the ingredients of the original 1912 menu to contemporary expectations of haute cuisine. Jonathan Cristaldi set out to change the course of history. On April 14th, diners experienced a meal that would have been served aboard the R.M.S. Titanic had she avoided her known fate, and if according to Cristaldi, “history itself had re-calibrated to the tune of an alternative reality.”
Chef, Co-Producer Rob McCue (Hell’s Kitchen, Season 8, Fox)
Chef, Co-Producer Adam Banks (Chef Roble & Co, Bravo TV)
MC, Co-Producer, Jonathan Cristaldi (The Noble Rot and Noble Group Media)
Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan (Master of Wine)
Meagan Sullivan (Event Design)
Ludgy Lilavois, (Cheek to Table)
Christine McCue, (Graphic Design)
Special Thanks:

Pre-batched Glenmorangie cocktail. MARCIN JM ©DIAMOND SHOT STUDIO

International Culinary Center of New York
Riedel Glassware
Louis XIII de Remy Martin Cognac

Nothing but the best for DineTitanic guests: Riedel. MARCIN JM ©DIAMOND SHOT STUDIO

Louis XIII de Remy Martin – need we say anything else? MARCIN JM ©DIAMOND SHOT STUDIO

Underground Eats
Kobrand (Wine)
Dreyfus-Ashby (Wine)
Gabriella Wines (Wine)
Alvear (Wine)
Laurent-Perrier (Wine)
Chef Tahoma Hauptman (Sous Chef)
Chef Roblé (Sous Chef for DineTitanic, of Chef Roblé & Co, Bravo TV)
Mame Sow (Executive Pastry Chef, Co-Op @ Rivington Hotel)
Vinny Acardi (Sous Chef)
Boris Poleschuk (Sous Chef)
Glenn Olson (Sous Chef)
Nima Khansari (Sous Chef)
Morgan Harris, Sommelier Captain
Tanner Walle, Sommelier
Katarina Maloney, Sommelier
Leiti Hsu, Sommelier
Ramon Del Monte, Sommelier
Mayur Subbarao (Bittermens, EVOE)
Abraham Danz (Actor: Captain, R.M.S. Titanic)
Caitlin Bebb (Actor: The Jotta Girl)
John Allan’s
Tuttle Agency
Chrome Canyon (musicians)
Icky Doom of Shad[]wb[]x (computer)
Megan Sears (cello)
Jack Finney (Author, Time and Again and From Time to Time)
Harry Rosenblum of The Brooklyn Kitchen
100% of proceeds donated to Urban Assembly Assembly N.Y. Harbor School.
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*Photo header credit: Library of Congress
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